Pediatric Patient Information

You as a parent will need to be in the facility the entire time your child is in the Surgery Center. Please leave other children at home as we do not have a supervisor in the waiting area.

Please bring another adult with you when it is time to discharge the patient so you can concentrate on your child on the ride home.

Bring a favorite blanket, toy, pacifier. You may also bring a quiet activity ie: coloring book, crayons, hand held video games.

You will be with your child until it is time to take them to the surgical suite. Once surgery is over and your child is in recovery or phase I, you MAY be able to be with your child once they wake up.

They will be put to sleep by using a mask. If an IV is to be started, it is after they are asleep. Medication may be given before surgery to help your child relax.

Your surgeon will talk with you as soon as the surgery is completed in one of our private consultation rooms.

We offer a tour of the facility prior to the day of surgery. We find that some children are less anxious on the day of surgery if they have already seen the facility and met our staff. Please call us at (563)449-8988 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

We have child friendly “scented masks” and each child is able to choose the flavor they would like to have. Our flavors vary, but most times, we have grape, strawberry and bubblegum.